Incentives for your escape from the wheel.


Before you place a sticker on the trunk of your car to indicate your extensive dedication for diving you should definitely pay this island a visit. Otherwise people might not take you too serious… Well, they won’t anyway – precisely because of the sticker. Pulau Sipadan is located close to the island of Borneo in the south-east of Sabah province. According to Vote Sipadan it is the only oceanic island in Malaysia which rises 600mts from the seabed . The easiest way to get to the island is to take an Air Asia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Tawau. From there it is about a two-hour ride by mini-bus which drops you off at Semporna, a little village on the coast of Borneo. There are plenty of budget accomodations to choose from in case you want to stay flexible and be able to move on without planning heavily. If you decide to go for one of the small islands, Pulau Mabul’s Uncle Chang offers reasonably priced double rooms for RM 180 – breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Another possibility is to book a package covering unlimited diving under the dive rig of the Seaventures Rig Resort. This resort is about 30 mins boat ride from Semporna and they are also willing to pick you up from Pulau Mabul. Usually there are three boat dives a day – plus a free dive (also night dives possible) at the house reef under the rig. More your body will not like to handle anyway. They have an open air freight elevator which takes you down approx. 25 meters to the water surface. Kapalai and Mabul dive spots are a paradise for macro marine life – which helps to deal with the fact that you will only dive Pulau Sipadan once during a 4 night stay at the Seaventures Rig Resort due to the limitation of 120 divers/day.

Exithamster’s gos:

  • Incredible amount of fish, colourful nudibranches, sharks and turtles each time you turn around.
  • Cool experience to stay a couple of days on the dive rig (and have a 30-meter-jump from the former heli platform)
  • Time stops.


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